Sporty handling with a relaxed grip - that's what the comfortable Racing clip-on handlebars stand for. The aluminium clamp milled with CNC technology guarantees maximum strength.

  • The raised handlebars are supplied with a current parts certificate of conformity.
  • The handlebars, made of high-strength aluminium, are available anodised in silver or black.
  • The 20 mm heightened steering tube and the steering tube angle of 5.5 degrees make the sitting position much more comfortable and reduce the pressure on the wrists.
  • For most motorcycles, the steering lock can be set so that the fairing does not need to be changed.
  • The clamping clip set is supplied with 3 different diameters: 45, 50 and 53 mm.
  • Using different spacers, the clamp can also be adjusted to other fork dimensions: 38, 41, 43, 46, 48, 51 and 52 mm.
Milled clip-on handlebars made from high-strength aluminum
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Milled clip-on handlebars made from high-strength aluminum
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